What to look for inside a hoverboard

Which hoverboard should I buy: What to look for inside a hoverboard
Different types of hoverboard: AirWheel vs hoverboard
First things first, it’s important to mention you can find two main designs regarding ‘hoverboards’ – the board plus the wheel, nicknamed the AirWheel. Though the two are very similar when it comes to concept, they’re controlled in various ways – mainly thanks to too little handles for control, one of the key options that come with the hugely successful Segway. See also: Best smartphones of 2015 & 2016
The board is produced of two pieces which has a wheel on each side, connected by a hinge inside the center, allowing them to rotate independently of Balance Hoverboard each and every other. With this in mind, the user only should step onto the pressure-sensitive parts and lean forward to search forward and back to search backwards, and if they want to change direction, all they need to complete is push one foot further forward as opposed to other. Pushing the left foot forward causes the left wheel to search faster and turn the board on the right, and vice versa. Though it may noise confusing when explained, it only took us a couple of minutes to get used to the system and it provided us using a great level of control over our positioning and also movement.

Balance Hoverboard

Balance Hoverboard

The second type may be the wheel, better known as your ‘AirWheel’. Instead of having wheels on the outside of the board, the AirWheel has a substantial wheel (or two, depending on the model) in the heart of the rideable with pressure-sensitive paddles on either side for that user to stand upon. Unlike the board in which uses two wheels, the AirWheel only has the one which makes turning back and forth a little bit harder. Any drastic change inside direction when standing still needs to come from swivelling your hips and making use of your body weight – a much less expensive practical way of operating, in our opinion, but it has it’s benefits as you’ll soon find out.See more news in www.hoverboardfans.com