The way to play Runescape Game

A symptom character creation, collection of males and females, clothing styles, colors, style.After which into your new island, using the upper right corner from the small map for the yellow arrow instructed people or places, where people can instruct you about Runescape gold a lot of new knowledge and skills.The very first woman will educate you on to reduce trees, fire, fish (shrimp)

Behind the forget, anyway, prior to the yellow arrow, until you look for a magician magic, completed after learning, he allow H, your little book icon internally, that you reality of runescape.First, if you would like generate profits, brush equipment, combat (CB) before next money again, you’ll go to the trees.The first cut tree, the streets are filled with a tree, but merely a bundle of wood.Then to the tree¬†07 Runescape Gold level 15 (all levels is visible through, there’s a bar graph icon includes a tree is decrease level (WC level)), cut oak.30 cut willow, cheap, but as soon as the 30 non members are able to only cut this.Quite a long time, to level 60, cut yew, recommend to lumbridge Castle returning to cut, fewer people, in the bank also nearly.Then you will have money.

Don’t forget to cut trees leveling way buy axe (hatchet), inside the grand exchange to acquire, cheap.Then select the occupation!Runescape three tactics: Sword and shield, archery, magic.The biggest magic overhead, the early super powerful, but on account of expensive, generally only cut to 60 millionaires will allow the trumpet practice.Archery at the strongest.Sword and shield overhead, universal strong, playing clan war a lot of people who apply it.Recommend choosing merely one occupation, or what are the practice will beat identical CB pure.Next, Lianji daguai. Generally check out farm practice, picking Kraft, money.runescapegoldfast¬†Later they learned the easiest way fight strange, recommended to the later to experience giant, make money.