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Negative credit investigation proceedings against individuals in relation to the bid process to the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups™, the adjudicatory chamber from the FIFA Ethics panel can today confirm its decision in the proceedings involving FIFA official Dr Michel D’Hooghe.

Following research into the final report and investigative files received on the investigatory chamber, as well as in line using the recommendation expressed therein, the adjudicatory chamber composed of three (3) members has decided that there is insufficient evidence to declare that Dr D’Hooghe violated any provisions of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

Equally, the adjudicatory chamber is satisfied that no

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further investigation is needed however.

Specifically, the investigatory chamber conducted  Cheap Fifa Coins an entire investigation according of four different allegations that Dr D’Hooghe could possibly have violated provisions on the FIFA Code of Ethics. Over these investigation proceedings, Dr D’Hooghe provided answers during an in-person interview, and other relevant parties in possession of possible relevant information and documentation were also contacted. The investigatory chamber analysed all available documents on record and assembled them into the investigative files.