The scary season features begun! Learn all about that year’s Halloween mini-adventure in addition to writing contest, as well as all of our voting improvements.

We resume our roots and create for you this year to Halloween a new brought to life TAPP project within the nostalgic mini adventure file format: ghost stories from Gielinor!

Speak with conclusion between the magnetite of village Draynor and also the entrance of Godfather Tod’s office. Find nine spirits, help them to cross over to another side and hold their own last moments in the severe Grimoire to give you a spirits surprise (which includes a little EP lamp or celebrity, caramel apple or sugars skull and various bone fragments and ashes ) to create the Halloween gesture of the year (ghost story) and also the
Headless Rider trim version. There are a total of 10 stories:
five for nonmembers and five more with regard to members only (members that will receive graduation at the end of the actual adventure). You must complete 5 to get the above rewards. People who collect all the stories additionally receive the title “… the actual ghostwriter”.

Many budding authors have sent us their own stories for the gruesome Grimoire and we’re really very happy to announce the five champions. And here they are already:

Cinder Quill
Mayhem Lupus

07rs-6Congratulations! Your own stories will be posted hanging around, alongside those of our mods Raven, Mohawk, Scorpio, Rowley, and Osborne, so they can almost all read and admire in the neighborhood!

Many thanks to all who took part. It was great fun to see your stories, and we are actually proud to have so many skilled players in our community.

Do you enjoy the mini adventure? We will have a vote soon, requesting if you think it should survive the actual Halloween season and remain in the game. In addition , around the magnetites (except in Prifddinas) balloons will fall at fifteen and 45 minutes past each and every full hour – through Monday, October 30 via Wednesday, November 1 — where you will also find a few Halloween rewards can. Oddly enough, this coincides using the time when we double the likelihood of prey to the ectoplasmator, natural burner and the ability to “cremate” – these improved it’s likely that still valid for two several weeks after the update!


We’ve made additional improvements to the voting program, and this time we are presenting a new interface to make simpler the voting process and provide you a better idea of actually voting for. You can no more change your mind once you cast your own vote.

From now on you will find voting booths in Falador, Lumbridge, Varrock, Burthorpe, Catherby, Prifddinas and Menaphos. You can just use them if you have not identified yet.

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