1. Fix the AI (Computer-controlled players)

Of course in Player Career, you control only one player, the one you created at the start of the game, while the rest of your team-mates and opposition are controlled automatically.

From what I’ve found in my first season at Watford (as Barnet are too bad at football to be in FIFA) that my Pro has to create or score the majority of  Fifa Coins XBOX goals, which is a hard task in Player Career.

The opposition defenders are very compact and almost all of the team get behind the ball, FIFA games are too short to play slow possession football and it shows in the game, as you just don’t have the time to score more than a maximum of two goals.

On World Class this is even more difficult, mostly due to your team mates, who are almost afraid to play aggressively, and act like their main task is to keep the ball, it just doesn’t seem realistic, and you’ll find that most matches will end in nil-nil.

EA Sports need to improve this before they look at anything else, the game play is essential, and the slow, boring matches send most of us away from Player Career.

2. More Player Creation options

For years we’ve been stuck with the same player creation system in FIFA, there’s simply not enough options to make your Pro unique.

Most players model themselves as their Virtual Pro and the Game Face feature, which you can create online, makes it really seem like that you are in the game.

But without it you have to manually create a player who looks half like you, and after you’ve done that their isn’t much else to do.

The developers need to add more hairstyles, as the ones in the game have been there since ‘Be A Pro’ started, stereotypical quiffs and mohawks have always been the same. Possibly they could add real-life players’ hairstyles to give us more options at the beginning.

3. Realistic Player Growth

The main aspect of Player Career is the growth and development of your Pro, increasing him in overall to get him scouted by the world’s biggest teams and be called up to your country’s World Cup squad.

In FIFA 14, you can do this all in just one season.

Personally, my Pro increased by ten overall in my first campaign, and after only two months in the Championship, he was called up to the England squad, at only 70 overall and 18 years of age.

Player Career is about the journey, that’s why they include fifteen seasons, but if you can achieve everything in just one season, the whole point is thrown out the window.

In future games I would like to see more realistic growth, which would have to scrap the Accomplishments feature, where completing small objectives gives you a large boost in stats.

It’s way too easy to increase overall of Buy Fifa 14 Coins your player, even Lionel Messi didn’t become a world star at 18.