FFXIV Guide:Tricks for gaining excellent FFXIV level 45 Item

It is sometimes complicated to find good equipment for game class in flash games. But I have to say that FF14:ARR is thoughtful.. I play Paladin in FFXIV:ARR., When my classes reach level 45, they can get four ffxiv items as rewards, whose attributes is way better than others you gained before.

You don’t accepts the quest Poisoned Hearts until your character reach level 45. As you have seen through the following picture, you can generate 12,420 ffxv gil after completing the quest.

In line with the guide of the quest, it is possible to proceed to the place and locate the Sultansworn Coffer.

If you close to the Coffer, two Sultansworn men appears, you will need to defeat them. You firstly attack the healing Sultansworn as they might help another to regenerate Health insurance and interrupt your attack abilities. Having slaying them, you will achieve item.

Then head over to other designated places and gain other items.Gallant Armor is one kind of award items. Nowhere item can increase defense, strength and parry.