Evil Dave | Wintertime Weekends

What an exciting few days lies ahead! We’ve received the Winter Weekend, the Joyous Aura, the Ribbon Remodel and the release of our fresh, eagerly-awaited Evil Dave pursuit.

Speak of the devil…


Sawzag, we’ve talked about this. Exactly what do you want?

I’m trying to perform, Dave! Can’t you see We have got a news write-up to…

You can’t just… Without a doubt of course I know about Zamorak!

Give that back! Provide back right now! Give me th…

Hey! Adventurer! It’s my family, Evil Dave!

Crazy announcement – turns out ZAMORAK is definitely back in town (who learned, right!? ), and I have to have YOUR help to conduct often the RITUAL OF ULTIMATE DOOMLY EVIL to make him detect me.

You’ll find my family at the Basement of BAD – beneath my mothers house in Edgeville. Ill explain the whole thing there. You are going to need to have done my component to RECIPE FOR DISASTER and grow a member with at least amount 30 in herblore, miraculous, agility and cooking. Oh yeah, and you’ll need to be UNPLEASANT!

Mod Scorpio’s giving my family an EVIIIL look, consequently I’d better relinquish my very own dominion of the KEYBOARD CONNECTED WITH CHAOS. See you in-game!

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