FUT Seasons
Take your team to the peak division by competing either online or offline and winning matches. Because you progress on the bottom and earn the right path to the peak, you’ll encounter tougher challenges that can require you to transform your squad. Winning tournaments will earn you coins, items and even Packs.

In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, FUT Seasons has Cheap Fifa 14 Coins become extended to ten seasons, and now features historical Season stats. A deep single-player offline Seasons experience is exclusively obtainable in FUT.

Team of the Week
Every single week, we assemble the best players from international and club competitions around the globe. Find out if your club is a useful one to challenge the c’s each week.

Onine and Offline Tournaments
Enter online and offline tournaments to contend with other FIFA 14 Ultimate Teams and enhance your squad.

Play an associate’s Squad
Need to see how your Ultimate Team Squad fares against one of the friends, even though there’re offline? Fifa 14 Coins For Sale You can now.